Get a CS Computing Account

Apply for a CS account by following one of the links below

The application you fill out depends on if you are joining the department as staff, faculty, visitor, graduate student or undergraduate student.

Before you begin:

  1. You need to apply for a UBC Campus Wide Login account first.
  2. Please click on a tab below that describes your role within the CS department.


If you are an incoming staff member, you will get an account upon your arrival. To arrange your account before you arrive, you can contact us to let us know when you will begin.

Here is the Staff account application form.

If you are an incoming faculty member or post-doctorate, you will get an account upon your arrival. To arrange your account before you arrive, you can contact us to let us know of your current status and account needs.

Here is the Faculty/Post Doc account application form.

If you are a visitor or guest, you'll need to have a CS Faculty member be your sponsor and complete the Guest account application form. Please talk to your sponsor regarding computing resources.

All faculty hosting visitors requiring office space must also complete a visitor space form. Visitors include but are not limited to: graduate students visiting from other universities, scholars and post docs.

If you are an incoming graduate student, fill out this online application form to obtain your computer account. If you are a post-doc, please go to the Faculty tab.

Accounts are provided for students enrolled in any Computer Science course and for students majoring in Computer Science. Accounts are created based on information supplied by the UBC Registrar; therefore, students who enroll late may have to wait several days after registering before their accounts become available. Only under very special circumstances will accounts be created for students who are not registered. Students must be able to provide a student number and proof of registration or a note from the instructor.

Account Activation

Students must activate their account.

Students, registered in a Computer Science course, must activate their account before it can be used. If you have taken a Computer Science course previously, your old account will be reused, otherwise you will be using a new account. Account access is normally available by the 3rd Monday of the month prior to the start of term, which are the 3rd Mondays of April, August, and December.

CPSC Majors, Honours, and combined degree students may apply for an undergrad account extension for terms where they are not enrolled in at least one CPSC course. This should be done BEFORE your account access expires.

To see which labs you can access, see lab availability.

Activating your computer account

There are 2 ways to activate your account.

  1. Go to the activation webpage here. This procedure is called getacct (short for get account).
  2. In a computer lab you can do this by typing getacct at the login prompt, and pressing [ENTER] at the password prompt.

Account Expiry and Removal

Access to your account will be disabled on the date shown in the dialog box when you login.

Your account will be active as long as you remain enrolled in at least one CPSC course or have extended your account as described above. Account access is granted for the duration of the CPSC courses you are enrolled in (including one week past term exam periods). Note that access to your account expires automatically and immediately if at any time you are not enrolled in any CPSC courses.

Every August, we will purge accounts belonging to students who are not registered in any CPSC courses for the coming Winter term. Note that purging means we delete everything, and files will not be available from backup. Students are encouraged to backup their files before their access expires, otherwise their files will not be retrievable. More information on transferring files.

Account Regulations

You are responsible for your account and things that happen regarding your account. Your account is for your personal use only. Among other things, that means you are not to share it with anyone else, either by giving away your password or letting someone use your account to log in elsewhere.  It is not permissible to use some else's account; anyone caught sharing an account will find it disabled.

You are also responsible for what you display on the screen, what you print, and what you link to on your homepage. Pornographic material will not be tolerated in any form. Inappropriate use of an account should be reported.

Account Suspension

It is currently department policy that anyone caught breaking laboratory regulations will have their account suspended. An account will be disabled for a minimum of 24 hours. Each additional offense is calculated by the equation

days = 2n

where n is the number of previous offenses. Instructors will be informed of all suspensions. Accounts are most often suspended due to game playing, eating or drinking in the lab, or displaying/printing inappropriate images. Accounts will be disabled without warning!

Last updated:
May 2, 2022